I've produced hundreds of hours of television over the years but some pieces are really special to me. Here's a selection of them.

Alfie Evans

For a multitude of reasons, this is one of the hardest stories I've ever had to work on. The story was massive across the world but we were covering the twists and turns of this horrific legal battle in the last few months of this little boy's life long before many others paid an interest. This is a compilation of some of my many reports.

February-April 2018

Tyred Campaign

Frances Molloy's son Michael was killed in a coach crash on the way back from Bestival in 2012. It was caused by a warn out tyre, nearly 20 years old. I've followed Frances' campaign for a change in the law and am proud to have played a small part in getting the government to look at a ban. This is a montage of some of my reports put together as a scene-setter for a studio interview with Frances.

May 2018

Homelessness In Liverpool

With a visible increase in the number of people apparently sleeping rough in Liverpool city centre, I wanted to explore what was really going on and what was being done to help those in need. This was a solo project which I researched, filmed, scripted and edited myself.

March 2017

New Ferry Explosion

When a huge gas blast rocked Wirral and was felt miles around, I was one of the first journalists at the scene. Within an hour of the explosion, I was providing live updates on the unfolding situation New Ferry on social media. This is the piece I subsequently edited for Granada Reports.

March 2017

Deaf Signing

A lovely story, shot beautifully by Jim Cook, about two twins from Warrington who were unable to communicate properly because one of them is deaf. Now their mum's learned British Sign Language and the whole family are starting to understand each other properly for the first time.

May 2019

Pride Of Britain

Rob Pope, a vet and movie fan from Liverpool, was inspired by Tom Hanks's iconic movie role as Forrest Gump to run 15,000 miles zig-zagging across the US. He was one of the finalists for the North West Fundraiser of the Year in the Pride of Britain awards. I really enjoyed this edit thanks to Rob's passion and commitment to detail.

September 2018

Norway Vikings

The vikings are coming! Here's a compilation of some of the items I shot and edited in western Norway about a group of British volunteers learning how to row the world's biggest replica Viking ship - the Harald Hafargre. Tip to Dag S for allowing me to use his beautiful sweeping aerial shots of the vessel.

June 2013

Sea Odyssey

Here are my highlights from the weekend three Royal de Luxe giants came to visit Liverpool. Street theatre at its best. It was simply spectacular.

April 2012

Capital of Culture Compilation

In 2008, I was given the grand title of Capital of Culture Correspondent for Granada Reports. This particular compilation was never broadcast but reminds me of an absolutely incredible year.

January 2009

Wirral Way

The Granada reporters were all asked to share their favourite walks for a summer feature in 2013. Here's mine, tracing part of the Wirral Way from Hadlow Road in Willaston, through Neston to Parkgate.

July 2013

Goodbye Quay Street

I was honoured to be asked to produce a report chronicling Granada Television's history when it was announced that we would be leaving the historic Granada Studios on Quay Street, Manchester. The upside was having a week to delve through the archives. The downside was trying to edit 55 years down to less than five minutes!

November 2010

La Machine

The unforgettable weekend the spider came to Liverpool for the city's year as European Capital of Culture. It must be said that we needed a huge team to put all of this coverage together!

September 2008

Michael Shields appeal

One of the longest-running stories I've ever worked on. Here are a few reports from Bulgaria about football fan Michael Shields who stood accused of attempted murder but always said he was innocent. This was the first time I spoke to him on camera - inside the courtroom!

March 2006

Children of Omagh

Young people from Omagh in Northern Ireland visited Liverpool and London shortly after the bomb there. I followed their journey for Channel One Liverpool. This clip shows the moment they meet Tony Blair and get chewing gum stuck on the Downing Street sofa....

May 1999

Lloyd family promote X Factor's charity single

I interviewed an inspirational family from Wirral for Granada Reports. Dan, Sam and Tom Lloyd from Wallasey all have a genetic muscle wasting condition. They featured on the X Factor to promote the 2011 charity single. Their local hospice, Claire House, is one of those to benefit from proceeds. This edit was too long for the Granada Reports but gives a much greater sense of how inspirational they are.

December 2011

Shanghai Expo

Liverpool was the only British city to have a dedicated presence at the World Expo in Shanghai. I travelled with the council contingent to China. Here are two of my reports which I shot and edited on location.

May 2010

Channel One at Six

Clips from Channel One Liverpool's evening news programme - with Cathy Henderson and myself. Featuring a chat with Pete Price, my pioneering Website of the Night and a few too many glasses of wine!

November 1999

Christmas In Kosovo

Vicky Wilson and I visited war-torn Kosovo for Channel One Liverpool. Viewers had donated shoe-boxes to Operation Christmas Child. This was their chance to see where their donations had gone. An incredible experience.

December 1999

Behind The Headlines

A link from a programme I presented on Channel One Liverpool, looking in-depth at various news stories from the week's news.

November 1999

The Movie Show

More classic Channel One here. This is from the second series, including a much better graphics sequence and revamped set. Featuring a preview of the remake of the Thomas Crowne Affair with Pierce Brosnan, which now makes me feel very old!

August 1999

High winds

And finally... did you ever see the one where the bloke off the news stood too close to the raging sea? Don't try this at home, kids....

March 2008

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